Yuanqing Fu 付元庆

Yuanqing got his PhD degree in nutrition at Zhejiang University in 2015. Upon graduation, he started his career in clinical nutrition research at the clinical nutrition center, Beingmate Food Research Institute. After that he engaged in clinical trial of anti-tumor targeted drugs (e.g., Ensartinib, Icotinib, and Vorolanib) at the Department of Medicine, Betta Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. Yuanqing joined the School of Life Sciences at Westlake University in September 2019.

Yuanqing's research mainly focuses on the interaction between dietary nutrients, gut microbiome, and host genetics on the etiology of metabolic disorders (e.g., dyslipidemia, cancer, obesity, and type 2 diabetes) using data from multi-omics (genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and metagenomics). He is now involved in several prospective cohort studies to understand the role of nutrients, dietary pattern, lifestyle factors and gut microbiome on risk of metabolic disorders, the effect of parental nutrition on offspring health, as well as the impact of early-life exposures on gut microbiome and long-term health issues (e.g., childhood obesity). He is also interested in exploring potential causal association between nutritional biomarkers and metabolic diseases via Mendelian randomization and discovering the underlying mechanisms through animal studies.



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