Westlake Personalized Nutrition and Health Cohort for Drug Addicts(WePN-DA)

The term “addiction” was coined by Shakespeare and first appeared in line 92 of the play Henry V (written in 1599): “Since his addiction was to courses vain.”


Drug addiction is a chronic disease, which may lead to many health-related problems, such as malnutrition and mental disorders, as well as reducing quality of life. With drug addiction rates rising, there is an urgent need for new and innovative treatment modalities. Dietary intervention plays a pivotal role in disease prevention and rehabilitation of drug addicts, but the associations between dietary intakes and health-related outcomes of drug addicts remain unclear. In addition, the relationship between human gut microbiota and drug addiction has become a new topic of concern in recent years. However, the underlying mechanisms need further study. During the period of compulsory detoxification, the dynamic changes of gut microbiota were not clear. Under the same dietary exposure, different drug users may have different blood glucose responses and gut microbiota features.


To examine the relationship between diet, gut microbiota and drug addiction, we recruited a cohort of drug addicts in collaboration with Zhejiang Administration of Drug Addiction. We aim to better understand the role of dietary intake and gut microbiota in host metabolism and other health-related outcomes of drug addicts.


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