Westlake Precision Birth Cohort

The prevalence of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) underwent an alarming increase in the past decades worldwide, which has been reported to elevate the risk of difficult labor and later type 2 diabetes for pregnant women. GDM is also associated with childhood overweight/obesity and the neurological development of newborns. Lifestyle changes such as diet and physical activity modifications are key for the prevention and treatment of GDM.

The Westlake Precision Birth Cohort (WeBirth) is a prospective cohort study among women with hyperglycemia during pregnancy and their offspring living in Hangzhou, China. The primary aim of this cohort is to characterize the continuous blood glucose response to dietary intake and physical activity among pregnant women with hyperglycemia over 2 weeks, and to facilitate the development of personalized nutritional/lifestyle recommendation among these patients. Another aim of WeBirth is to investigate the association of dietary and physical activity together with continuous glucose change during pregnancy on the adverse birth outcomes including preterm birth, low birth weight and small-for-gestational age birth. The secondary aim is to investigate the prospective associations of diet, physical activity and continuous glucose change over 2 weeks among the patients with the long-term metabolic health of the women and their offspring.

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